Termite Fumigation Poison Gas Cost

The cost of fumigation is estimated by each cubic foot of air mass that will be confined within the area to be treated. The poison gas fumigant used, has a labeled prescribed amount of gas needed per cubic foot of area to be treated. The amount of fumigant gas applied is measured by weight. The poison gas is released from a steel gas cylinder, similar to propane or oxygen cylinder tanks. The cylinder rests on a weight scale prior, during and after the prescribed weight dose of gas is administered.

Most companies hire a fumigation sub contractor and know in advance what they will be charged, based on the per cubic foot of fumigant administered. The average price charged by current local fumigation subcontractors, is used by termite control firms to establish a per cubic foot cost estimate. Firms that do not sub contract fumigation, usually charge higher costs and recommend fumigation more frequently than necessary, in order to keep their fumigation employees working full-time.

Before an estimate for structure fumigation can be calculated, the area to be covered with a tarp and sealed for treatment must first be accurately measured. Where the building is square, top and bottom, such as a ten foot high flat roof with no eaves, the measuring is simply the total square footage of the ground floor space multiplied by the height. A sample is 20 Foot wide, times 40 foot long, equals 800 foot total floor space, times 10 foot average height, equals 8000 cubic foot. Página Web If the estimated cost per cubic foot a company is charging a client is $200 per thousand cubic foot, then based on this calculated square footage, the estimated cost to fumigate the 8000 cubic foot structure will be $200 x 8 = $1600.00.

Most structures have multiple areas of height. In this case the average height of each area is estimated for example, by finding the difference between the lowest point at the outer eave and the highest point at the roofs peak. The distance halfway between the two points is the average overall height of the specific area measured. A sample is the outer eave lowest point of 10 foot and the roofs peak highest point of 16 foot equals an average overall height of 13 foot.

In addition to firms measuring structures to give an accurate cost estimate before doing any work, structures to be treated are measured again at time of fumigation, so the proper amount of fumigant gas can be applied as prescribed for an effective treatment process to take place.

Some of the costs that may be charged in addition to the per cubic foot fees are, local, city or state license permits, on-site security guard costs, foliage clearing, ground watering preparation, occupant or neighbor temporary housing, abutment detachment expenses, antenna, cable or power line relocation, bagging or removal of prepared or frozen food items.

The costs associated with termite poison gas fumigation are clearly variable and all are high risk and expensive for the customer. The largest unintended cost is that of accidental human death when it occurs.

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